About Our Studio


We are experts in construction design, interior design and landscape design.  Platinum Design Studio & Consulting will make your vision come true from conception to completion.

We start with a thorough interview to understand your vision. The we go to work with a complete site evaluation to understand any restrictions, comply with all city ordinances and ensure building code compliance is set to the parameters of your project.

As we begin the construction drawing and design, your vision is our guide. Bringing your vision to detail in drawing and design assures you that we understand your needs and will make sure the details are correct for high level execution of your luxury dream.

With over 50 years of combined experience, we are experts in securing all the necessary permits and approvals to bring the project to life.

Unlike other design firms, we don't stop there. 

Because we are intimately knowledgeable of your vision, Platinum Design Studio can deliver luxury interiors to match the vision of your project.

Finally, it is so important that the landscaping makes the statement of your dream. We will design the perfect landscapes to highlight your project.

Platinum Design Studio & Consulting. Luxury design, Maximum impact.

Our Team